How to “run” Linux on a SD card or Flash Drive on a Chromebook

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Chromebook How To | 0 comments

In this tutorial you are going to have to already have Linux running on your Chromebook.

  • First insert your SD card or Flash Drive
  • Open the files app
  • Click the SD Card or Flash Drive to open the files on it
  • Right click on the area where to files and and press “New Folder”
  • Now type “Linux” and press enter
  • Next right click on the file we just created and press “Share with Linux”
  • Open the Terminal
  • Type “cd /
  • Now type “cd /mnt/chromeos/<Your-SDcard>/Linux” Obviously Change <Your-SDcard> to the name of your SDcard
  • Your done, but there is one small catch for have do to the 2 steps every time you open the Terminal


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